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Your Manners, point system, Tabletop Hide & Seek and Happy Endings games are fabulous! We also loves the magic tricks. We all look forward to going out together now. Please let me know when the Airport one comes out! THANK YOU!” —  Maurine Beverly, CA

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“Terrific kits! I bought both the Airport & the Restaurant. I like that the kit can be used for mixed ages and both girls & boys at the same time…really brings the family together and makes dinner, or waiting at the Dr’s fun! The Airport Trivia game is a great tool to help children to be aware of their surroundings & be interested in something other than ‘when are we going to get there!’ Thank you for giving a family something to be interactive with each other, not drawn apart on cell phone, or gameboy, or mp3 players… family time is so much nicer!” — Lisa R, Spring Hill, FL

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“I just used it tonight at dinner and they ALL loved i – even my 15 year old! We had so much fun! I had no idea it could be this easy! Thanks and keep writing!!” — Christina Ramirez, OK

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 “I don’t know what I would do without this book and kit! I used to dread going out with my 3 year old son. He has ADD and is very difficult to manage on errands. But thanks to the brilliant games in this book, I can now go anywhere without the fear of tantrums! I keep one in the car and I have also found the games great for birthday parties! Bravo!” —   Jamie Silas, Butler, NJ

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“Once I read your book, I am never un-prepared, even if I forget the kit! You play the games and the kids will remind you which ones they want to play. SO much better than chasing them around the mall!!” — Karen Fogle, San Francisco, CA

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“Let me just say AWESOME!!!! There are so many uses for this kit and you NEVER run out of stuff to do.” — Deanna M., MA

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“My kids love the craft mat! They make me play the game even when they have no more food to eat!! Great idea.” Lynn Morris, NV

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