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The Family Fun Kit & Guide for Travel and Restaurantswere created to help bring working parents with hectic, busy lives back into the hearts and lives of their children! The creator and owner, Suzi Berg, is a mom herself and is fully dedicated to bringing her daughter up happy, well adjusted and able to be all she was meant to be in SPITE of the fast-paced, busy world we’ve brought them into.

Suzi Berg brings humor and creativity to the table to improve your dining and travel experiences with your child. Born in New Jersey, she earned her A.S. Degree at Ambassador University in Pasadena, CA and now resides in Orange County, CA

Suzi has earned respect and admiration for her involvement in many creative projects from graphic design to sales positions but no other job qualified her to write these books as much as her current one: the mother of bright and energetic child.

Of all the tasks involved with running a successful business, being a good mom is her priority. Travel and dining out has become a necessity with her busy schedule, so when her then 3-year-old reacted to that demand with the typical protests little ones are famous for at that age, “The Family Fun Kit & Guides – Restaurant Edition” was born, followed by the newest version for Airports and Travel. Both are PACKED with fun things for kids, including children learning games, children magic tricks, fun activities and games appropriate for travel both far and near.

Your children will never run out of fun, educational, productive things to do that are appropriate for any environment you find yourself traveling through! Let them express themselves creatively and calmly with this clever, scientific formula of Distract, Engage and Re-Direct!


Suzi’s “everything should be fun” attitude, (reinforced by her daughter’s hearty agreement) has brought to you the stimulating, educational and fun games found in this one-of-a-kind book. It will turn your “Restaurant Wrestles” and “Travel Traumas” into “Dining Delights” and “Fun on the Run!”

Check out these amazing Kits packed with fun educational games and activities, simple magic tricks, clever jokes, fun children’s crafts and much, much more — all perfect for public places like waiting rooms and restaurants as well as travel areas such as airports and hotels!

Check out the fullTravel/Airport Edition with Activity Kitand theRestaurant/Home Edition with Activity Kit!

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