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Mission Statement

Helloand Welcome!

Thank you for visiting our site! We hope you will explore our kits and discover new and clever ways to enjoy your kids!

My goal in this is to bring more joy to both kids AND parents by putting a little clever creativity at your fingertips when it’s most needed and least available – while you are running errands, dining out and traveling with your kids!”

Our Family Fun Guide Books and Activity kits were born of  a lot of love, understanding, patience and kindness towards my child and dozens of other children we met, observed and came to love along the way!

We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing!

WP-PipeCleanerFlower-WebOur products turn every day chores and errands into fun and games for kids and turn travel time from frustrating to fabulous with the best travel games for kids all packed into one small, durable kit. Tantrums magically disappear as frustrated tears turn to enthusiastic smiles while kids discover the games, crafts, activities and travel games for toddlers and young children everywherePACKEDinto our clever, compact, durable Activity Kit for Kids.

Turn your Plight into Play and everyday chores and errands into Quality Time with your kids!

Family fun has never been more celebrated, easy and valuable as each of the children’s games and activities are designed to also educate, as well as explore a child’s creative talents! It is my goal to bring this joy combined with a full dose of education and moral values to as many families as I can possible reach.

We make itEASYto let your kids explore and be a part of your world of work, errands, chores and public places and learn desirable behaviors while at the same time playing fun games designed specifically for toddlers and kids ages 3 and up! Don’t stress! Our Family Fun Kit & Guides provide you with all the creative, clever, educational and useful children’s games, activities, magic tricks, jokes and MORE that you can use to make all your time with your childcount!

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