Traveling & Dining Out or At Home With Kids!

Suzi’s Story

So, why did I createFamily Fun Kitsfor Kidsand Parents?

For SO many reasons, but of course, mainly to be able to connect better with my daughter and help other families do the same with their children! I saw so many parents struggling with their kids while out in public places. The kids were scared and miserable and the parents were frustrated and overwhelmed, just like I used to be.

My background is in sales, graphics and even some computer programming! But where I shine is in anything creative, and also problem solving. I jump into whatever I am responsible for 110% and raising my daughter was no different! So bridging the gap between happy, joyful child at home to why she so quickly became a public terror became my passion.

WP-GameAligatorDentist1By trade I am a creative person. I did well at jobs that involved graphic arts or sales. I have also always been an inventive problem solver, which also brought much success in executive assistant positions. And such is my work background.

I was both overjoyed and OVERWHELMED by what this bundle of joy brought to my life! It was my beautiful little girl who introduced me to an entirely different set of new situations and challenges that needed solutions! How do you have an important business conference call with a 2 year old at your feet? Or go to a restaurant when I was too tired to cook or didn’t make it to the grocery store in time? And how do I keep my dream vacation or other travel plans from turning into a nightmare of missed flights due to tantrums and stressful situations always encountered when traveling with kids?

It was my own energetic, inquisitive and bright little 3 year old girl brought the needs of parents all over the world to my attention!  So I did what I always do! Started digging down deep to discover why all kids around me either behaved like mine did, loudly objecting to the over-stimulating environments and commands to do the opposite of what I was encouraging her to do — be STILL and QUIET in reaction when a natural response would be exactly the opposite!

WP-GamesDice1I knew that discovering why children react this way was the key to solving the problem! So that’s what we did. Together, my little girl and I discovered fun, new ways to turn the chores, errands, and traveling into fun and games for children everywhere!

Throughout the pages of the Guide Books and packed into the Activity Kits are dozens and dozens of solutions to just about every situation you encounter while traveling with children, running errands, or dining out with your kids at restaurants! They will bring fun and games for kids of all ages to your dining table both in your home and at a restaurant! They will help keep your children calm and safe as you explore your world on vacation or other travel.

The Family Fun Kit & Guides for Travel and Restaurantswill be the most USEFUL product you will purchase if you have a child! Travel troubles become fabulous family vactions.  Visits to the mall, doctor’s office or restaurants become educational and fun quality family time!

I have put my whole heart and soul poured out through these pages and in the design of the clever games, magic tricks and toys included in the activity kit. My hope is to share what we discovered with as many parents as possible to show them there is a way toget it all done while still having FUN!

Check out the fullTravel/Airport Edition with Activity Kitand theRestaurant/Home Edition with Activity Kit!

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