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Why & How Family Fun Kits Work!

So how does it work?WP-PensiveFace

Children do not have the knowledge necessary to behave well in confusing public areas, nor the emotional ability, or tools to implement that knowledge. So it is up to us to apply this simple, pediatrican-approved formula to help teach them:

Distractthem from the undesired behavior
Engageto connect and quell their fears and then educate them
Re-Directtheir energy to behaviors that are suitable for the environment you are in.

It’s just that simple!

We use magic tricks, jokes and funny questions to distract the child from his current anxiety, then use interactive games to engage them; games that educate them and start to equip them on what correct behaviors for the setting are, and finally, we provide them with more appropriate activities, such as arts and crafts, effectively bridging the gap from fear to playfulness and easing them into the acceptable behaviors required for public outings.

Understanding Why Children Need This

Children are wonderful!(Although when you are out at a restaurant or mall and they decide to throw an all out tantrum, you may not be thinking along those lines.) But, the truth is, they are! They are born bright, energetic and curious little sponges who absorb and react to their environments. When we are adults, we have learned appropriate behaviors, our brains are fully formed, and we have, hopefully, learned about self-control, moderation, etc. and have the tools to handle the different situations we find ourselves in. We as adults have learned to go from fun and games to learning responsibility to our own good will and to also the consider how our actions affect others.

Little children, however, have not had the opportunity to learn all of that at the ripe young age of  2 or 3! They are still all about the fun games, and do not really have the tools yet to be too concerned for much other than their own comfort. Not too long ago, they were not even able to walk or talk! Just because they have gained those skills, does not mean they now have the ability to adapt and know how to act in unfamiliar places.

They are still little sponges, and are easily overwhelmed and stimulated by the environments every day life brings them into, such as restaurants, waiting rooms, airports, hotel lobbies, grocery stores, etc. A child’s NORMAL reaction — objecting to being taken from the familiar to loud and crazy unfamiliar — leads us feeling as though they are  “acting up” or “behaving badly” when in reality, allthey are doing is simply being a THREE or FOUR YEAR OLD child as they were designed to be.

In these public settings, it is desirable for children to be calm and quiet and do as they are told. Yet, that is the opposite of what they are designed to do at that age.

I realized that if you look at it through their eyes, what we are asking them to do is not only suppressive, but unfair.

Imagine being taken, against our will, from our place of familiarity and comfort. Then, just as we were adjusting to this loss of security, we are brought to big, loud new place full of unfamiliar people, sounds and sights. There’s music playing, people talking and you are hungry and want to go home. Just when you are completely overwhelmed and over stimulated and start to express all of that, you are told you to sit still and be quiet!

You are not allowed to have the reaction you are designed to have as a bright, energetic child, but are now asked to do the opposite of what you feel which is to scream and cry in objection to the intrusion on your life beyond your control!

Kind of like being TICKLED and told not to LAUGH or you would be in trouble.”

A simpler, but just as accurate, analogy of the loss of control and comfort they would feel. Being put in a situation that had a natural reaction, but being punished if they reacted that way.

A Simple Case of Separation Anxiety!

A very prominent pediatrician, Dr. James Sears, also suggested on one of his shows,The Doctors, that much of their undesirable behavior can be attributed to“a simple case of Separation Anxiety!”They simply sense the disconnection and will do anything to reconnect. This is easily demonstrated by watching a child play happily in another room… until you try to make a phone call! The second the child hears you on the phone, he realizes he does NOT have ACCESS to you and reacts by doing whatever it takes to re-gain access. It is not necessarily about you being PRESENT. It is more about your child knowing that he has full ACCESS to you. That you are available to him if he should need you.

So what do we do? How do you bring these little highly-reactive bouncing balls into stimulating environments that are part of our every day lives yet get them to behave exactly the opposite of what you are stimulating them to do?


How It’s Done

Family Fun Kits provide you with EVERYTHING you need to bring your child from plight to play! We know that you as the parent are also under stress, and are not always in your “fun zone” either when out trying to get things done! So we have provided all of that for you within the pages of theGuide Bookand inside theActivity Kits! Flip to ANY page and just start reading! Open the kit, pull something out andjust start playing!Your kids will respond instantly and profoundly.

Here is the Scientific Formula we have spelled out within the pages of our clever little books and through the clever children’s games, as well as the toys, puzzles, crafts and art supplies found in theFamily Fun Travel/Restaurant Kit & Guide:

1. The Art of Distraction

It is amazing how quickly and simply you can distract a child and guide them into a more positive frame of mind! Just as suddenly as a tantrum starts, it can be interrupted and turned around completely. If you understand and appreciate the child’s frame of mind when the objections begin, you can instantly calm and reassure the child using a few simple techniques.

In our book we describe several ways to do this! One of the most effective for stopping a tantrum dead in it’s tracks is:

Magic Tricks!  What child does NOT love magic? I have yet to have a child continue to whine or cry once I announce, “Anyone want to see me make this salt shaker melt right through the table?” Or “Who wants to see me rip up this napkin and make it magically go back together?” Both of our books have an entire chapter full of environmentally appropriate magic tricks. The fun travel kit includes a deck of cards with which to perform the simple yet very magical card tricks, also included in the book.


2. The Rule of Engagement

Once you’ve broken the negative mode and interrupted the impending tantrum, it is time todevelop and cultivate the mood!One of the best ways to do this and address their separation anxiety is to simply re-engage them by playing a simple game.


Fun Games!Any child who is suffering a dose of separation anxiety will be instantly calmed the minute you ask him to play a game with you. These games only take a few seconds, and you can have them calmly playing by themselves or with other children. The books are filled with games that can be played using whatever you happened to have in your purse or what is provided on a typical restaurant table! Toothpicks become an instant “Pick Up Stix” game.

WP-GamesSugar1The sugar packets become a challenging way to “draw” pictures or make a “card house.” A cloth napkin can be filled with small objects such as lipstick, comb, sugar packs, toothpicks, etc. and then can become the “Ned’s Head” game. The child has to close his eyes and find the object you name in 10 seconds without looking, just reaching in and feeling.

Our books have dozens and dozens of simple, effective and fun games that are sure to turn frustration to fun!

3. Teach Your Child to Channel the New Good Energy to Activities More Appropriate for the Environment!

Ok! You’re almost home! Now that you’ve stopped the tantrum and re-directed the child’s energy into a more calm and creative mode by addressing his anxiety and engaging him in fun kid games, you are now safe tochannel and redirectthat new, good energy into his own creativity, using the large assortment of arts and craft supplies included in theFamily Fun Travel/Restaurant Kits!An entire chapter is dedicated to this with color pictures, examples and instructions on how to create animals, monsters, jewelry and more!

Kitchen Sink Creations:Encourage your children to use the clay, beads, pipe cleaners to make one of the animals or creatures illustrated in the book or come up with their own versions of monsters, insects, food items, or just abstract art!WP-BeadsGiraffe

WP-BeadsKira2 Jewelry:Increase finger dexterity and hand/eye coordination by having them make you a bracelet, necklace, head band or anklet! Show them how to put the beads and paper clips onto the pipe cleaners or jewelry string included in the kit!

Artistry: Use the colored pencils, crayons, markers and stickers along with the 50-page art pad, (all included in your kit) to create pictures, drawings and all kinds of new art! Even use the clay and beads to add a “3-D” touch!

WP-ArtStuff1And that’s how it’s done! Take ANY child, whether they act up loudly or are more mild-mannered, use this formula on them and they will be a happier, more secure and well adjusted human being over time. They are reassured that their needs are going to be met, even when they sense you are stressed or need to attend to other things.

Their need for you to demonstrate this will begin to lessen over time and you will find ALL your travels, restaurant visits, errands and chores will change from a battle to quality time with your kids, and then finally, to your kids become responsible, happy children who have developed the ability to creatively entertain themselves! My daughter still to this day at age 9 puts down her iPod and comes up with NEW games to play with me. We have bonded and she has learned to adapt to every different kind of environment, finding something creative and fun to do. Her spirit has been calmed and reassured, so now she has the ability to take herself through these steps and has not thrown a tantrum since we developed this system!

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