Best Travel Kit for Kids for Airports!

TheNEWFamily Rescue Kit, specifically designed for navigating through an airport with children isFINALLY HERE!The guide book is filled with clever ways to help your children stay entertained and in a creative, positive frame of mind as they ‘play games’ that actuallyget them through check-in, security procedures, delayed flights and long flights in confined space both safely and without tantrums!

The Family Rescue Kit™ – Airport Editionis all you need to turn potentially stressful travel into fun, educational family trips!

  1. Hii . I like the product for airport use . If i need 50 pcs how much it will cost with freight to beirut lebanon

    • Hi, Shiraz! I am in New York until April 12th. 50 pieces will be about 150 lbs. Email me the address and I will get you a quote. Click under Contact Us and let me know where you would like them sent and I can get you a price. Thank you!

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