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“Bye-Bye” Toy Bag – Bye Bye Messy Rooms!

Bye Bye Messy Rooms!

Bye bye messy rooms! Messy kid’s room or playroom? Take care of toy messes quickly and effectively! Introducing the BEST WAY to teach kids to clean up their messy playroom! They must put their toys away or they go into the “Bye-Bye” Bag! Toys left on the floor go into the bag and remain in ‘toy storage” until they earn them back! Later, use to put things for charity.


Bye bye messy rooms! Help kids to pick up their toys and keep their rooms clean and organized.

And.. AFTER  they learn this, they can use this bag as a“charity giveaway”bag that is cute and can be in their closet. Teaches them to think of others and have a place to put clothing, toys, etc in there they no longer want. When it’s full, you can transfer the stuff into trash bags, boxes, etc. to take to Good Will.

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