Traveling & Dining Out or At Home With Kids!

Eco-Friendly “Green” Packaging & Contents!

Our Family Fun Kits are Non-Toxic, Lead Free & Eco-Friendly!

These days, anything you can do to help the environment for your kids when they grow up is crucial! We have also taken this into account when designing this kit! We are all about our children’s health and future! So all of our products have the following “green”, eco-friendly qualities:

1. Green Packaging!

WP-BagMeshOur nylon-mesh and canvas carrying cases are not only durable and cute, they are also made from certified non-toxic materials! No toxic fumes or out gasing of any kind. Completely safe and made to stand the test of time. When your kids are done with their kit, you can use this bag for a large number of other things!

We also do not re-package the kits in other packaging, but sell them self-contained, using only a biodegradable paper insert for our marketing.

2. Lead-free Inks!

OurFamily Fun Guide Booksare printed with certifiedlead-freeinks withnon-toxic plasticcoating.

3. Non-Toxic Arts & Craft Items

All of the art items included in our kit are kid-friendly, eco-friendly, non-toxic and lead free. In order to be sold by Hudson News at the airports we acquired all of the certifications from the manufacturers stating everything in the kit was lead-free and safe for children. All of the crayons, colored pencils, markers and clay are made with non-toxic, lead free ingredients and meet all California FCC regulations.

4. Odorless, Non-Toxic Vinyl MatWP-GameMat

Our Game Craft Mat is made with BPA-free high quality odor-free vinyl. This vinyl is a high-grade heavy material that will last through countless hours of fun and games. It is heavy enough that it will not tear or rip easily, yet thin and flexible enough to fold up nicely in the kit. The fun Animal Fest Game printed on the mat uses lead-free inks as well and produces no odors and is completely colorfast.

It is highly recommended parents keep their children away from products made of that cheap, thin toxic plastic you find in all too many kids toys. All of our products are odorless, lead-free, non-toxic and produce no out-gasing; just good,cleanFUN!

Check out the fullTravel/Airport Edition with Activity Kitand theRestaurant/Home Edition with Activity Kit!

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