The Complete Travel Solution!

Get everything in BOTH KITS plus Bonus Toys for one low price!

Here’s what you get in this Deluxe Package:

• The Restaurant Rescue Kit & Guide Book, designed for shorter trips, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.

• The Family Rescue Kit & Guide Book – Airport Edition, designed for longer trips, airports, hotels, road trips, etc.

• Arts & Craft Items such as crayons, colored pencils or markers, clay, stickers, pipe cleaners & Wikki Stix

• Travel Games like Four-in-A-Row, playing cards, numbered and alphabet dice

• Bonus Toys such as pop-ups, puzzles, mazes and figurines

• Erasable Doodle Pad, Notepad & Pen

• Chinese Jump Rope & Instructions

• Vinyl Craft Mat for easy cleanup printed with a fun game to help your kids eat their dinner!

• All in a cute, environmentally friendly, durable, attractive and reusable zippered mesh bag!

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