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The Guide Book – Airport Edition

Family Fun Guide Book – Travel/Airport Edition!

For Airports, Trains, Automobiles, Hotels — Anywhere You Travel!WP-BUYARKBookOpen

Start looking forward to your vacation and take the stress out of getting there. Children often don’t automatically act the way we need them to when taken out of their safe, familiar environments and asked to cooperate to meet schedules for trips. They simply do not know how to navigate airports, OR be still and calm in small, enclosed spaces for long periods of time. They usually object to all of this with whining, crying, screaming and… the dreaded TANTRUM! The Family Fun Guide Book for Travel/Airports will give you the scientific formula for turning all of this literally into FUN and GAMES, keeping their safety in mind!

TheFamily Fun Travel Games Guide Bookcontains all kinds of ways to keep your little ones happy, calm, and entertained on every part of your trip. Whether you find yourselves in large open spaces like airports, gaes and hotel lobbies, or small, enclosed spaces like airplane cabins, trains and cars, The Family Fun Travel Games Guide Book has you covered! They think they are playing games and having fun doing the things you need them to do to get through security, to the gate and make your flight on time. Your kids will be happy to take their shoes off through the security thinking they are teaching their shoes new dance steps as they go through the belt! And then trying out those new steps as they happily dance their way to the gate.  Ensures your vacation and typically stressful travel time FUN for the entire family!

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With our 3-step scientific process, we help you Distract, Engage and Direct your child’s energy to creative and productive activities more appropriate for the setting you are in. We have all kinds of games and activities described within the pages of the book to help you make fun and games out of the very things you need them to do to get to your flight on time!

Not holding your hand? Afraid they will wander off? Our “Monster Hand” and “Squeeze Counts” games described on Page 6 will make them ASK to hold your hand! Packing a problem? We have clever games to make your kids pack themselves and even want to help YOU pack! And there is an entire section detailing how to make all kinds of cute figures from monsters to butterflies, using the endless supply of arts and craft items. Spiral bound, spill-resistant plastic coated, and in full color.


From games appropriate for small enclosed spaces such as plane cabins to wide open spaces like airport gates, this book has you covered! Like what is REALLY the best thing to do with those stale plane snacks??WP-ARKSnackArt3

WP-ARKSnackArt2Tap into this clever resource of creating ways to find the fun in EVERYTHING and keep every task fun and exciting all the while bonding with your kids instead of fighting with them. The book also cleverly addresses safety while traveling and includes these cute Travel Info Star Stickers to be placed inside their jackets, sweaters, etc. to be shown ONLY to a uniformed TSA agent should they wander off. Stickers can be marked with parents cell phones, flight information, etc.

When it comes time to eat, we have a wonderful way to getWP-GameMatthem to eat their food! Our “Animal Fest Craft Mat Game” will make them LOOK FORWARD to the next bites as well as encourage them to try new foods! The child simply tosses a coin, ball of clay, penny or other small object onto the mat. Each square has a cute animal on it along with a number from 1-3.  Whatever animal they land on, they must either make a sound like or take bites like this animal. The number tells them the number of bites they need to take. This versatile, reusable vinyl game mat is now being offered FREE with every book purchase!

On a long flight? Try the memory developing games detailed in the book and also gives them a break. They are to walk up the airplane aisle and count how many people are sleeping, chewing gum, eating, working on their computer, reading, wearing a certain color, etc! They are to observe and count and report back to you. Want to educate them with a little biography? Play the Matching Game of all the major land marks in the USA! Or the State that State game,  which gives a special about each state along with a colorful Map of the US!WP-ARKUSmapSUZI

Or try the many “Magic Tricks”, “Eye Spy” games, “Travel Trivia”, “Knock-Knock Jokes”, “Would You Rather”, “I Can, Can You?” and many, many more educational, fun games and activities. Or play a clever little game called “What’s Missing?” using items that are in your purse, wallet or carry-on bag. Line a few items up and have your child name them out loud. Have them close their eyes and take something away. Then have them guess what you took! Great memory exercise!


Use your beverage cup for a fun game of “Mini Pictionary!” Perfect game to play when it’s hard to hear anyway over the engine planes.

This book can be purchased on or through our website either alone, or along with the Arts & Craft Kits! The Guide Book alone provides you with endless ways to keep your little ones feeling safe, happy and close to you no matter where you are. The Activity Arts & Craft Kits can also be purchased and contain the book inside! Check the out here!

Get theDeluxe Packagethat includes both books and both Activity Kits with all the arts & craft supplies, toys, games, etc. that come in both theRestaurant and Airport / Travel Editions. All fits into one compact bag!

Your children will never run out of fun, educational, productive things to do that are appropriate for any environment you find yourself traveling through! Let them express themselves creatively and calmly with this clever, scientific formula of Distract, Engage and Re-Direct!

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