Traveling & Dining Out or At Home With Kids!

Best Travel Games for Kids!

Want aTANTRUM FREEtrip with the kids?

Want to have fun travel games, magic tricks, jokes, crafts and other activities at your fingertips no matter where you are whether it be at an airport, restaurant, airplane, hotel, waiting room or hotel lobby? Well look no further!

We have theBEST METHODfor taming tantrums and creating fun, educational games in just about ANYenvironment you and your kids may wander into!

Check out the NEWFamily Rescue Kits!™

FUN on the RUN! Traveling with kids can be fun and games!

There is one designed specifically for local areas, like restaurants, waiting rooms and other local public settings called,“The Restaurant Rescue Kit & Guide”. And also“The Family Rescue Kit & Guide – Airport Edition”, designed more for long-distance travel and for places like airports, hotel lobbies and for long periods of time inside small, cramped areas like airplanes!

Both kits work EVERYWHERE, but you will find each book and kit PACKED with brilliant, clever ideas to calm, educate and bond with your kids — all while out on errands or on family trips!

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