Traveling & Dining Out or At Home With Kids!

Family Fun Kit & Guide – Airport Rescue Kit

The Family Fun Travel Kit — Traveling with Kids Can Be FUN!

For airports, gates, planes, hotels! Keeps your dream vacations from turning into nightmares.

WP-ARK-BUYBestKiraAre you going on a vacation? Long flight? Hotels, airports, planes, trains and automobiles? We have the solution for all those areas that can be so troublesome to little ones, which makes it troublesome for YOU and can RUIN your travel plans!

Here’s what you get:

1. Award-winning published Airport/Travel Guide Bookcontaining all kinds of ways to keep your little ones safe, happy and entertained for the entire trip! They think they are playing games and having fun doing the tasks you need them to do. Checking in? Your kids will NOT be wandering off while you are busy with your tickets and luggage! Our Treasure Hunt game described on Page 5 will keep them GLUED to your luggage!

Not holding your hand? Afraid they will wander off? Our “Monster Hand” and “Squeeze Counts” games described on Page 6 will make them ASK to hold your hand! Packing a problem? We have clever games to make your kids pack themselves and even want to help YOU pack! And there is an entire section detailing how to make all kinds of cute figures from monsters to butterflies, using the endless supply of arts and craft items. Spiral bound, spill-resistant plastic coated, and in full color.


From games appropriate for small enclosed spaces such as plane cabins to wide open spaces like airport gates, this book has you covered! Like what should you REALLY do with those stale plane snacks?


Tap into this clever resource of creating ways to find the fun in EVERYTHING and keep every task fun and exciting all the while bonding with your kids instead of fighting with them. The book also cleverly addresses safety while traveling and includes these cute Travel Info Star Stickers to be placed inside their jackets, sweaters, etc. to be shown ONLY to a uniformed TSA agent should they wander off. Stickers can be marked with parents cell phones, flight information, etc.


2. A Non-Toxic, Colorful Supply of Art Items!Check out this wonderful array of non-toxic crayons, colored pencils, washable markers, a 50-page drawing pad and a magnetic erasable doodle pad! Unleash your child’s imagination and re-direct their energy to activities that are safe and appropriate for just about any public setting you may bring them into. Turn your plight into play and tears into smiles in a matter of seconds. No more missed flights or unnecessary stress when traveling with your little one. There is an activity for every part of your travel plans from packing to the gate to the delayed flight to the airplane cabin and finally, to your destination.WP-ComboArtItems

3. A Fun Assortment of Non-Toxic, Re-usable Craft Items! Clay, pipe cleaners, Wikki Stix, stickers, magnetic doodle pad — all easily used on a vinyl Craft Mat for quick and easy clean-up, printed with a fun game (see below in game slide!) Hours and hours of creative, productive, educational FUN that can be used everywhere you go on your travels.


4. A FUN Collection of Environment-Appropriate Games!Dice to play fun, educational number games described in your Guide Book! A full-size deck of playing cards for card games and magic tricks (several fun, simple but fascinating tricks described in Chapter 8); numbered dice to play all kinds of counting games, Yahtzee, even BLOCKS!

WP-ARK GamesAlso, fun Travel Game like Four-In-A-Row, Checkers, Chess or Chinese Checkers. Finally, a colorful and stretchy Chinese Jump Rope that can be used at the gate in it’s traditional fashion or games like Cats in the Cradle, or for Chapter 7, which includes some fun Knot Tying in the Scout About section of the book. Vinyl craft mat has a game printed on it that makes it FUN for your little ones to eat their food or any other task you need them to do!

5. Surprise Bonus Toys!Choose from these FUN, entertaining and educational Bonus Toys! Two are included in your kit already, but all of them can be added to your kit at one low bargain price.WP-BonusToys2


5. All nicely stored in this cute, durable, re-usable compact bag!Go green with biodegradable, re-usable packaging that is both roomy and compact! Not to mention so cute that your child won’t want to leave home without it!

WP-ARK KitMade of see-through mesh and durable canvas and sealed with a spill-proof zipper, this little fun-filled kit will help your little ones enjoy just about any environment you bring them into!

Designed to last and be used over and over again, you will never be without hours and hours of fun, productive, and educational activities to help get you to your vacation destination as smoothly and safely as possible.

Comes complete with The Family Rescue Kit – Airport/Travel Edition which fits snugly inside the bag.

The book can also be purchased separately and is all by itself is a wonderful resource. Use things that are already in your purse or wallet and play all kinds of clever games created by kids and parents designed to educate, distract, delight and challenge kids ages 3 and up!

You can also get EVERYTHING that is in BOTH kits for one great price! Get theDeluxe Packagethat includes both books and all the arts & craft supplies, toys, games, etc. that come in both theRestaurant and Airport / Travel Editions. All fits into one compact bag!

Your children will never run out of fun, educational, productive things to do that are appropriate for any environment you find yourself traveling through! Let them express themselves creatively and calmly with this clever, scientific formula of Distract, Engage and Re-Direct!

Book is also sold separately!Check out the Restaurant Edition here:Family Fun Kit – Restaurant Edition

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