Traveling & Dining Out or At Home With Kids!

Combo Family Fun Travel & Restaurant Kit!

Family Fun Kit – Restaurant & Travel Games & Crafts for Kids!

For Travel, Hotels, Airports, Trains, Restaurants, Waiting Rooms, Dressing Rooms, the Mall — Anywhere You Go!Family-Fun-Rescue-Travel-Kits

Whether you are running errands, traveling on vacation, going to a restaurant or just staying home and need to make dinner a bonding family experience, this dynamic duo is the PERFECT solution to going anywhere with your kids!

You get everything that is included in BOTH the Travel/Airport Edition and the Restaurant/Home Editions with both Guide Books and both sets of toys, arts & crafts, and other items.

Here’s what you get:

1. BOTH Award-winning published Guide Bookscontaining all kinds of ways to keep your little ones happy, productive and entertained the entire time you are dining out, shopping or running errands and on your entire trip and vacation! Family-Rescue-Kit-Guide-BooksEducational games & activities geared for all kinds of travel. Whether you are traveling afar or just visiting a local mall or restaurant, we’ve got you covered with environmentally appropriate activities.

Tantrum-stopping magic tricks and jokes designed to distract and re-set your child’s mood, cleverly re-directing their energy, calming their fears and soothing their tendency to be overwhelmed by all the new sites and sounds of unfamiliar environments. Included are games that teach dining etiquette and manners as well as travel do’s and don’ts and exciting geographical trivia.

Bond with your kids throughout the day as you get things done! Have some fun and change your entire experiences with your kids while you teach them how to behave everywhere you take them. The games are cleverly designed to get your kids to do exactly what you need to do while on a trip and teach them life skills at the same time, such as memory, being aware of their environment and people, noticing details that could save their lives and learning how to express themselves in a more positive and productive way.

2. Arts and crafts that are included in BOTH kits.The deluxe kit contains arts and crafts items contained in BOTH of the kits, designed for both long distance travel on airplanes, road trips or trains as well as restaurants, waiting rooms, grocery stores, etc.! We have items that work great in small, enclosed spaces like airplane cabins and cars, to games great for bigger areas such as hotel lobbies and airline gates. You’ll get a generous and colorful assortment of non-toxic, reusable clay, pipecleaners, stickers, deluxe jewelry & bead set, Wikki Stix. a 24-pack of crayons, colored pencils or markers, a 50-page art pad, 2 pens and a magnetic, erasable doodle pad!




You’ll also get a great assortment of games, including the Four-in-a-Row or other mini travel game, Chinese jump rope, both alphabet and numbered dice, the craft mat printed with fun restaurant game, puzzles, a deck of cards and finally, fun bonus toys like fun pop ups and bendy figures!



3. CompleteW-PipeCleanerCat1peace of mind!Be ready forANYTHING,anywhere! The deluxe kit contains everything you need, no matter where you are, whether you need your kids to be calm and collected, or busily occupied and safe, we have the solution for any environment you find yourself in while traveling, running errands or just spicing up an every day dinner!WP-PipeCleanerFlower-Web


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